OIL-TECH was incorporated in 2004 and had grown to be widely acknowledged by both regular suppliers and clients as one of the Singapore trusted Valve and Valve Actuation integrated supplier, with several Distribution and Service centers around the country.

Being established for more than 13 years, our company strives to supply the extensive range of valves in the oil and gas sector across the Asia region. Our access to a wide variety of product lines allows us to provide the best possible valve solutions for all your application. We can offer actuation on our range of valves as required, and take responsibility for the whole package and provide after sales support.

We have a proven track record in providing the highest quality and safe products and services to our clients through many years of experience, dedication, commitment and reliability.

We always emphasis on adding value to the industry by ensuring that our products and services are reliable, safe and of the highest quality.

Our unique business model combines our exclusive and non-leading independent system integrators enables OIL-TECH to consistently provide the in-house expertise and dedicated service to meet our customers’ requirements.


    • BWB Controls
    • Bifold Fluidpower
    • Actuator (Rack & Pinion)
    • Actuator (Scotch Yoke and Linear)
    • Controls
    • Actuator Ball Valve and Controls
    • Valve


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