Bifold Fluidpower


Leading Performance

Major producers world-wide depend upon Bifold FluidPower products to perform in the most extreme conditions, offshore and onshore. Depth of knowledge built up over a century enables us to identify the optimum solution for each application. Over 3000 designs include valves for pressures

from 10 to 20,000 psi, ambient temperatures from -50 °C to +180 °C and contamination levels beyond NAS 1638 Class 12. Solenoids certified for flammable gas & dust atmospheres are available with power ratings from 0.9 to 20 watts.

Actuators & Chokes

You can rely on Bifold FluidPower for the widest range of directional control valves for Actuators and chokes. Our compact manifold systems provide high integrity coupled with low maintenence. They comply with major world-wide solenoid approvals including ATEX, SAA, INMETRO, CSA and GOST. You also have the reassurance and convenience of global technical and circuit design support.


The Bifold FluidPower range for wellhead control, incorporating electro-hydraulic low pressure logic, is the widest there is. With a choice of 8000 types across 15 categories, and high and low power options, you are sure to find a valve to fit your application and with the addition of Marshalsea’s range it gives you an even greater choice including pumps, relief valves and intensifiers.