Actuator (Scotch Yoke and Linear)

Every Motivact actuator is built to provide long and efficient service with minimum maintenance. The design, engineering and materials used in construction ensure optimum performance. The premier, full 316 stainless steel, Motivact MVR Rotary and MVL Linear Actuators offer complete solutions for severe service applications.


• Full 316 Stainless Steel construction
• Modular, Scotch Yoke design
• High temp / long life materials
• Spring return / Double Acting
• Up to 108,000 Newton meters torque ( DA )
• High Visibility indication
• High quality castings, fittings, fasteners
• Large Stock holdings
• ISO 5211 mounting base
• NamurVDI/VDE top works
• Capture Spring system
• Submerged service in both Salt / Fresh water
Can be hydraulically operated


• Corrosion resistant
• Off shore applications
• Caustic / Sulphuric
• CIP washdown
• No closed loop breathing required
• No painting required
• UV resistant