Actuator (Rack & Pinion)

BI-DIRECTION stroke adjustment
EL-O-MATIC & C-Max Actuators feature bi-directional pinion travel stops. Side located stops allow a full +/–5° of valve travel adjustment, giving a guaranteed range of adjustment between 80° and 100° of Actuator travel.

ISO/ DIN Valve Interface
All Actuators are designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards to meet NAMUR and ISO/DIN dimensional standards.

Extended Cycle life
Replaceable upper and lower pinion gear, piston head and heel bearings are made from an internally lubricated thermoplastic. This material contributes significantly to extended cycle life, wear resistance and efficiency.

Blow-out Proof Pinion Gear
In addition to the stainless steel retaining ring, the EL-O-MATIC & C-Max gear features a unique internal safety ring.

Easy assembly with valves and solenoid valve
Meets the latest NAMUR standards allowing direct or close coupling of NAMUR designed accessories.


Compact, lightweight, low maintenance, pneumatic rack and pinion actuator built for continuous high performance in many applications.


  • Modular construction
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • With single and double acting actuators in 13 sizes, ranging from 12 Nm to 4100 Nm (106 in/lbs to 36,474 in/lbs)
  • Standardized mounting interfaces offer easy valve and accessory assembly
  • Construction with standard components so they can be assembled and delivered fast in a variety of frequently used configurations
  • Robust, corrosion resistance design offers an easy to install actuator which functions faithfully giving many years of dependable performance
  • Dual valve flange drilling patterns and an interchangeable insert drive system allows for direct mounting capability, reduces the need for maintenance
  • May be packaged together with a range of accessories